As a medical doctor, Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer is constantly asked what the secret is to perfect skin. After years of research and testing, the answers have arrived!  

In Irresistible You, Dr. Schaffer ties in her scientific skincare expertise with her natural beauty secrets to create the ultimate anti-aging beauty bible! Her book covers everything from the beauty enhancements to the fulfilling nutrition plan to achieve the perfect skin. Irresistible You brings together Dr. Schaffer’s personal stories, DIY recipes, easy fitness and meal plans, and so much more!

Feel sexy, confident and irresistible in your skin! 


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Skin Type

I did my research on all skin types and have it down to a science. I have finally made it easy to understand the skintype you have and how to treat it from the inside and out. 


What you put in your body is as important as what you put on your skin. In the book, you will know exactly what to eat to make your skin glow! 

Beauty Enhancements

We all love our beauty products but we may not always know what goes inside of them. I will teach you what you need to look for when buying your favorite products. 


Look good on the outside by feeling great on the inside! In Irresistible You, you will learn the best workouts to making your body and skin look their best! 


"You know what's sexier than glowing skin? Girlfriends who educate you about how to get it and have it forever. Thank you, Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer, for sharing your secrets to being truly irresistible - inside and out!"

Jeannie Mai - Television Personality & Style Expert

"The must read book for everything Anti-Aging."

Lizanne Falsetto - Entrepreneur, Foodie, Philanthropist, Founder and CEO of thinkThin Incorporated

“It's good to feel attractive on the outside, but being smart & confident on the inside is what matters most” 

Olivia Culpo - Actress, Model, and 2012 Miss USA

“I have been so impressed by Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer's passion and drive to help all women be their most beautiful.” 

Quincey Jones - 27th-time Grammy Award Winning Producer, Composer & Musician

“Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer’s book, Irresistible You, has everything you need to know for what to put in your body and on your skin. I'm a firm believer in nourishing the skin from the inside and out and her book explains all thing beauty and skin in an easy and approachable way.”

Nikki Sharp - Wellness Expert and Author of The 5-Day Real Food Detox

“Jacqueline Schaffer, MD has written an honest and breakthrough must-read about the truth of skin vitality. 'Irresistible You' is one of the most accessible skincare books for everyone -educating us on how to care for our skin and keep it looking it's best at every age.”

Barbara Lazaroff - Co-Owner of Wolfgang Puck 

About Jacqueline Schaffer, MD

Originally from Northern California, Dr. Schaffer grew up with a passion for skincare. Her inspiration led her to pursuing and earning her MD from the international Semmelweis Medical School in Budapest, Hungary. Throughout her time at medical school, Dr. Schaffer felt the pressures of busy work life and put her personal needs on hold. On an “ordinary life changing moment,” Dr. Schaffer realized that beauty came from within and what she put in her body and on her skin were vital to irresistible health. 

She knew that many modern women had the same concerns and wanted to become a source of inspiration for others who wanted to blossom into their best self. Backed by her medical background and personal experience of watching her mother fight skin cancer twice, Dr. Schaffer wrote this book to bring all women the gift of beautiful skin.

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